The freshest oysters in Denver

If you’re looking for oysters in Denver, you won’t find any better than at Fish N Beer in restaurant in RiNo. Because we like to keep things so fresh, our oyster choices can change daily and we keep limited varieties on hand at any given time including, of course, our own FNB Double Dee oyster.

Raw Oysters

We only carry a small selection of oysters at a time to ensure freshness. Below are tasting notes for some of the oysters that we like to rotate when they’re available! Stop by to see which of these we currently have along with some others not listed here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know—we can probably get it!

Comes with your choice two sauces:
mignonette of the month, cocktail, ponzu, orange broth

West Coast oysters in Denver
KumamotoPenn Cove, WA

deep cup with petit meat, mild brine, sweet flavor, honeydew finish. The chardonnay of oysters!

Church PointHammersly Inlet, WA

deep cup, rich, creamy, meaty

SeacowPuget Sound

moderate brine, creamy richness

Fanny BayVancouver Island, BC

smooth, cucumber finish

OlympiaOlympia, WA

sweet, metallic, celery-salt flavor. Only US native west coast oyster.

RainierPuget Sound

mild, clean, mild lettuce

ElkhornWillapa Bay, WA

meaty, briny

East coast Oysters in Denver
Blue Point Long Island, NY

medium size, mild, pleasantly salty, meaty. Great beginner oyster

Island Creek Duxberry, MA

firm, buttery, briney, salty

Quonset PointNarrangansett Bay, RI

small, mild, briny, clean finish, dainty shell

38 DegreesScotland, MD

cage grown, light on salt. Only US native east coast oyster

WellfleetCape Cod, MA

plump meat, mild, sweet flavor, briny & crispy, clean finish

ChincoteagueChincoteague Is., VA

salitiny & sweet finish

WiAnnoCape Cod, MA

small, mild, briny, clean finish, dainty shell

DuxburyCape Cod, MA

meaty, buttery finish

BelonDamariscotta River, ME

strong flavor, more minerally than briny, massive & meaty. Very rare, not for beginners

FNB Double DeeHeathsville, VA

Our very own oyster—deep cup, full body, mid to upper salinity, buttery finish

Grilled Oysters in Denver
Wood-grilled FNB Oysters
– $3 each –

Garlic, parmesan, parsley butter


Grilled tomato, chile de arbol, butter


Pernod, spinach, parmesan, cream


Spicy mayo, tobiko